Stage planner Camino de Santiago

Plan the stages of your Camino in an agile and intuitive way

Start Form

In this form, three initial data are requested, so that from them, they present some existing planning that fits with those data.

Schedule list

In this part you are shown your saved schedulesAnd also those of other pilgrims that comply with the filter you have indicated.


This is a questionnaire for when we pretend record a new planning.


In superior menu We have several options for the visualization of our plan:

* View or hide inactive stages, that is to say, those that are before our initial stage and after the final one.

* Watch distances, in order to determine which data we prefer to see between the stages: mileage from the previous stage or from the initial stage. In both cases you can choose descending or ascending.

* Back to our list of plans.

* To print planning.

* Save current planning.

The planner

The planner allows us you drag a stage from one locality to another, delete it and also Add a new.

For each location we have the option to see the available services therein.

In the event that the town is a stage, we have access to the elevation profile.

Demonstration video

Play video

A small video in which you can see both the forms and the last part in which we build and modify our stop locations.

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