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San Salvador Road

The union of Oviedo with León

An option for those who are tired of the French Way or for their counterparts of the Northern Way


Points of interest

guide, santiago road, compostela, pilgrim, french road, portuguese road, santiago road track, santiago road info

Leon Cathedral

La Cathedral of Santa Maria de Regla de León It is a temple of Catholic worship, episcopal seat of the diocese of León, Spain, consecrated under the invocation of the Virgin Mary. It was the first monument declared in Spain by Royal Order of 28 of August of 1844 (confirmed by Royal Order on 24 of September of 1845).

Started in the thirteenth century, it is one of the great works of the Gothic style, of French influence. Known with the nickname of Pulchra leonina, which means 'Bella Leonesa', is located on the Camino de Santiago.

Hermitage of the Virgen del Valle

La hermitage of the Virgen del Valle, located in the center of the city of Cenicero, is an 18th-century baroque building.

It is a building composed of a single nave of three sections, chapels between the buttresses and has a cruise covered with octagonal vault.

The cover is placed at the feet and on it a bulrush with three openings for bells.

Its oldest part is the presbytery, built in the 16th century, when the building was almost cubic, with buttresses in the corners, until two centuries later it was renovated and expanded

Collegiate Church of Santa María de Arbas

La Collegiate Church of Santa María de Arbas, also called Santa Maria de Arbas del Puerto, is a church that is located north of León, in Arbas del Puerto, on the southern slope of the port of Pajares, just one kilometer from Alto de Pajares. It belongs to the City Council of Villamanín. This area was formerly called Montes Ervaseos, voice derived from Latin arvum with the meaning of countryside.

Its origin was a hospital for pilgrims who were on their way to Oviedo whose foundation is attributed to the Count Leon Fruela Díaz and his wife Estefanía Sánchez.From León, the city where the so-called Camino de Santiago Francés passes, the pilgrims climbed north to visit San Salvador, passing through Pola de Gordón, Arbas, Casa Tibigracias, Puente de los Fierros, Campomanes, Pola de Lena, Mieres, Olloniego, La Manjoya and Oviedo, where it connects with the Camino de Santiago de la Costa or Ruta del Norte.

Oviedo Cathedral

La Holy Basilica Church Metropolitan Cathedral of San Salvador de Oviedo It is a Gothic cathedral that is located in the city of Oviedo. It is also known as Sancta Ovetensis, referring to the quality and quantity of the relics it contains.

It began to be built at the end of the thirteenth century by the chapter house and the cloister, and its construction lasted for three centuries until the top of the tower in the mid-sixteenth century. Later a girala would be added in the seventeenth century in addition to various chapels attached to the aisles.

guide, santiago road, compostela, pilgrim, french road, portuguese road, santiago road track, santiago road info

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