El Camino de Santiago bike

Among the options that allow us to do more km and thus be able to complete a Camino in less time is the bike. To obtain the Compostela we must at least make the last 200 km. We are not going to talk about Caminos specific if not that we will give a few informative pills that will help the bicigrino.

Plan your stages

We must plan the stages very well. If we are going to pull towards Camino Trances or from the North we must prepare the stages well so that we can ride as long as possible on the road and avoid the road. Sometimes it will become a more complicated but more rewarding journey. At the end we will have days in which we will have to do km by road if or if. We must study the profiles in order to distribute our effort. There will be very simple 50 km days and others with the same kilometers that will be very hard.

The shelters

We must remember that when entering municipal shelters and donations, pilgrims have already walked and have a preference over us. The rule says that until 20: 00, in general, cyclists are usually allowed to enter without waiting until those hours. But it may be the case depending on the time we have to do a few kilometers more. This is due to the fact that it costs us a half hour as much as a pilgrim costs 2 or 3. So when it comes to having to go to the next shelter / town it is logical that the bicigrinos are the ones who are forced to move.

Organize your saddlebags well

You have to take into account what you are going to take and how to distribute it. We will also have to see what type of saddlebags are best for us, which ones are fair and we can afford and try them. If we decide to choose to go without luggage on the bike we can send it through one of the multiple luggage transport services.


El Camino by bike is most recommended for times from spring to autumn. In winter roads and highways can be very dangerous and not worth the risk. We must bear in mind that we will do about 10 to 13 km an hour. So each day we can get to complete with about 5 hours we can travel between 50 to 65 km. So when deciding what Camino To do we must take that into account and the stage profiles. On a negative note the Camino cycling does not allow you to group as it can be doing on foot. Since the people we meet in a hostel the next day are probably a day's walk from us. So take advantage of the moments to interact with other pilgrims.

By bike, on horseback, on foot ... even by boat

They are all equally valid, the difference is up to you. Good Camino!