Cookie Policy

CaminoTool can send "cookies" to the user's computer or use similar technologies to improve their online experience on the Website and throughout the Internet.

"Cookies" are files that can identify and store the user's personal preferences, as well as technical information including browsing data (click through and click stream). Click stream data provides information on which site pages the user has visited and in what order. Cookies manage and measure the results of advertisements displayed or communicated on or through the Website. CaminoTool uses cookies and other technical information to personalize the user's visit to the Website (including recognizing them by name when they return to the Website), analyze Website traffic and track user customs, patterns and selections for authorized downloads and for technical reasons related to the use of the Website. This helps to improve the online experience of users and to perfect the design and content of the Website to meet their needs. Cookies can be permanent (that is, they remain on your computer until the user deletes them) or temporary (that is, they last until the user closes their browser).

CaminoTool It can also use "visitor counters" or similar technology that monitors the use by the user of the Website. Visitor counters (or Web bugs) are small code sequences that provide a method of delivering graphic images on a Web page for data transmission purposes, such as the IP (Internet Protocol) address of the computer that downloaded the page. in which the visitor counter appears, the time that the page containing the visitor counter was viewed, the types of browser that the visitor counter had and the identification number of cookies on the computer previously placed by said server. When CaminoTool correspond with the user via HTML email, web beacons will let you know if the user received and opened your email.

If the user chooses to provide personal information, said information may be linked to anonymous data stored in cookies and / or visitor counters.

By accepting this Privacy Policy, the user expressly accepts the use by CaminoTool of cookies and visitor counters, as described therein. Most browsers are initially configured to accept cookies. However, if you prefer, the user can adjust their browser to reject cookies. Also, by configuring your browser to display HTML emails only as text, the user can prevent the use of some web beacons. The user can consult the "Help" section of his browser for more information. On the other hand, please note that certain areas of the Website can only be accessed in association with cookies or similar devices, the user being advised that disabling cookies or similar devices may prevent them from accessing any of our content.

There is the possibility that some of the links to external pages existing on the website, install a cookie on the home page or on the link itself. CaminoTool is exonerated from all responsibility derived from said facilities, since it does not intervene in them in any way, leaving the user able to exercise the rights granted by the data protection regulations against the company responsible for the installation of cookies.